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My Wish List

My "wish list": A better car! Ideal would be a Police Interceptor. Good base station* to cover all ham bands. 2.4Ghz linux or windows laptop with 2G memory, 80G HD, 56K, wirless and EDVO for packet and tunneling. A selection of good antennas. * MARS capable of course! My "dream" units: Storm Spotting: Police Interceptor - good dual band 2 meter/440 transiever. APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System), Hard wired weather station. HF transiever. Disaster Services: A 4WD step or box van (new or used - a retired ambulance or service truck might work) packed with: AC generator with good filtering system. Multiple cross band capable base/mobile radios. Fast laptop computer for packet and tunneling. Small satellite dish. Portable directional antennas. High quality antenna for each band or several multi-band antennas. Better car. I was driving an old (2003) Saturn L200 with over 260,000 miles on it. The engine gave out at 262,000 miles and repairs would be considerably more than the blue book value. Right now I only have my motorcycle - not a good vehicle for storm spotting! I am borrowing a car for work right now. Because I have a number of college loans, I can not get a newer car financed so, a used or new Crown Victoria is on my wish list. A Police Interceptor would be ideal. It is big enough to serve me well at my regular job and it is a substantial car for storm spotting. When storm spotting, the day may come that I have to cut through a median or ditch or field to escape. Police Interceptors are specially designed for this. I would never make it out in my Saturn. Also, Interceptors come standard with heavy duty electrical systems to handle the extra radios, laptop, and weather gauges I would eventually want to install. If you have a gently used Interceptor or you are a dealer who stumbled on this page and can take $200 a month payments on in-house financing, I need an good car. :-)

Charles Clark
315 East Main Street
Weyauwega, WI 54983

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