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Information about this installation

W9SBU (Charles Clark) is a ham radio operator and Emergency Coordinator for Waupaca County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) providing emergency communications support to the county Emergency Management and supplemental communications support to local public events (Iola Old Car Show, Waupaca Area Triathlon, ...). W9SBU is a trained SkyWarn storm spotter and provides severe weather live reporting to the National Weather Service, Green Bay through radio communications. Most often, radio communications are relayed through ARES SkyWarn nets. Through his ARES affiliation, W9SBU also provides storm spotting and communications support to other counties.

Daily minimum and maximum values of Temperature and Precipitation are provided to the National Weather Service each morning. The computer records and identifies the min/max of all data and each morning, I log in as WYGW3 and submit data related to temperature, rainfall, snowfall and ground frost depth for the past 24 hours. During the winter, snow core samples are taken weekly and right after a storm and analyzed for total moisture content.
This assists NWS in predicting drought regions, water table levels and risk of spring flooding.
This information provided by myself and many other volunteers is available as a " Rainfall Collective" through the NWS web site. Scroll down to Waupaca - WYGW3
Additionally, current data from my weather station is automatically sent between every 15 seconds and every 10 minutes to seven other major weather networks on the Internet: CoCoRaHS Network, PWS weather, AWEKAS (Europe), Weather Underground, , WeatherBug, HAMWeather, and Weather For You.

Our Location


Country : Weyauwega, Wisconsin, USA

About This City Weyauwega was founded in 1848 when men traveled from the east to west via waterways seeking a place where they hoped to build a better life for themselves and their families. What? How do you say it? How do you spell it? Where did a name like that ever come from? Was it named after a Menominee chief or patriarch named Wey-au-we-ga? Weyauwega, Wisconsin is pronounced Y-O-Wega. Did the name originate from the Indians and means “Here We Rest” or “Today”? Is it a corruption of the word “Wey-au-we-ya” signifying whirling wind? Or perhaps it was named after a Menominee guide who worked for Governor James Doty? Whatever the origin or meaning of this city, it, like many communities in Wisconsin, is steeped in Native American Heritage. Heritage, history, community pride are emotions felt by those who currently or once lived in Weyauwega. It doesn’t take people long to fall in love with this community of friendly people – whether visiting, working or living here. Find out much more about Wega at the Weyauwega Chamber of Commerce



Longitude : W 88° 55' 43"
Latitude : N 44° 19' 15"


Country : USA
State : Wisconsin
City : Weyauwega

see map beside to locate our town in an interactive map.

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