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W9SBU Honor Roll

People who have made a difference or helped me in my Ham Radio ventures.

Holly Eckroth
My loving fiance who with no more than a deep breath, honored and supported my desire to get involved in yet more public service. And who tolerated the many hours of my studying for the FCC license.

Unknown Airman
The young E5 in South Korea that made ham radio connections from Korea to my home telephone in Hawaii and sparked my interest in ham radio.

Ed Beltz, N9PJQ
Fond du Lac County REACT Team #4364 president who encouraged me to go for the FCC license.

Gary Kealing ND9Z, Gerald Clusen K9USN, Rick Kosiorek W9RIC
The VEC team that administered my Technicians exam and were the first hams to shake my hand as a new ham.
VEC team members are certified by the FCC to administer exams but they do this as volunteers who give their own free time to help new operators get into the ham world. There were several other volunteers there with them.

Brian Long, KB9LRD
FCARC president who sold me my first cheap radio, an Icon 2AT hand held 2 meter.

Andy Palm, N1KSN
Andy devotes a lot of time teaching other hams what he knows. A true "Elmer," Andy goes out of his way to help others learn and understand many aspects of radio and electronics.

Richard Lemme, K9FA
My first ham radio contact. Using the Oshkosh open repeater and the 2AT. I have learned a lot just listening to him on the scanner and 2 meter while he chats with others. K9FA was also my first contact with my new call sign W9SBU.

Steve Gasper, KB9IKO
Waupaca County ARES/RACES former member who sold me my first mobile rig.

Anonymous in Oshkosh, Wisconsin
An anonymous donation was passed to me by a third party. The $100 gift was used to put a Diamond X-50 dual band base antenna on top of my TV antenna tower at home. This antenna is now 50 feet in the air and gives me significantly increased communication distance from inside my home.

Skip Sharpe, WA1REL
Skip was my mentor through my ARRL ECC1 course from October to December 2004. He assisted me in learning special skills for emergency communications.

Bob Cockream, AB9EE
Bob was my mentor through my ARRL ECC2 course from December 2004 to February 2005. He assisted me in learning intermediate special skills for emergency communications

Tom Meronek, N9TBM
Tom was the ARES/RACES Emergency Coordinator who encouraged me to complete a number of Emergency Communications courses. He has been and still is a great mentor.

Leighton Trice, AB9TV
Leighton was also an Emergency Coordinator and he encouraged me to complete some advanced courses. He also was a great mentor during his terms as EC.

Others Unknown
The many other ham operators I've heard on the scanner who one by one pulled me towards my license and the many others who have done little things along the way to help and encourage me.