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My current equipment,

Icom 208H 2/440 mobile that is set up in the house using a power supply and Diamond X50 dual band antenna. I can very quickly switch this radio to emergency (battery) power.
Icom 756PRO HF using selectable east-west or north-south inverted V multi-band long wires. This can also be switched to battery power.
10 bank, 1000 channel scanner. Scan multiple frequencies or lock on one frequency to monitor. This can be swithched to battery power also.

Yeasu VX5 Tri Band hand held (2 meter / 6 meter / 70cm).
Yeasu VX 170 - 2 meter hand held.
Yeasu VX 177 - 70cm hand held.

Puxing PX 777 - 2 meter hand held normally mounted in the car using an external antenna and battery by-pass 12volt adapter.
Kenwood TM 732 - Dual band (2m/70cm) mobile mounted in the car. This radio is set up with two band dedicated antennas and can function as a cross-band repeater.
Motarola Meratrack 100 watt mobile. This is a police radio converted for 2 meters that is mounted in the trunk with a remote head in the drivers area.
2 seperate 40 ch CB radios are mounted in the car. These are used to monitor 9 and 19. They are also critical in disaster relief operations to communicate with and direct incoming semi-trailer trucks delivering emergency supplies to disaster areas.
10 bank, 1000 channel scanner set up identical to the one at home is mounted in the car.

The car is equiped with an isolated auxilary battery mounted in the trunk. This powers all radios. It can provide up to 16 hours of monitoring the dual band, Puxing, Meratrack, one CB and scanner. Transmitting will reduce the service time of the battery. In the event the radios deplete the auxilary battery, the car battery is protected or isolated so that the car can still be started and begin recharging both batteries.

The car also has provisions for mobile lap-top use. Currently used for mobile email, mobile radar monitoring, GPS, and web cam. I am hoping to set this up with a small printer and tnc (radio/computer interface) for digital radio communications (sending computer files by radio). This is helpful in bridgeing the Internet in a disaster area where Internet systems have been disabled. I can send an email with an attached casualty list, emergency shelter roster, supplies request list... from the car by radio, through another ham operator outside the disaster area, into the Internet and it is delivered as if it was sent from a desk-top wired by land line into the Internet. I can also recieve Internet generated emails into a disaster area with no land-line or mobile Internet connection available (why having a printer in the car is in the works).

I will soon be setting up a second tower at home with a 2 meter directional antenna.
Using the directional antenna with an AC/DC 100 watt amp will significantly increase my range from the house. The directional will be set up with a standard antenna rotator and also equiped with a back up hand operated, chain drive rotator (power failure back-up system).