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Amamtuer Radio Page for
Charles M. Clark Jr. aka Wolf
Waupaca County ARES/RACES
Technician Class - 3/31/2004
General Class - 11/8/2013
Waupaca County ARES/RACES

Where ever possible and if I am paying attention, I will be as "un-technical" as possible for the many non-hams who stumble onto these pages. There is plenty info on the Internet that explains amateur radio technical stuff for those looking for it. My fellow hams, please bear with my explanations that I have tried to provide for the non-hams that visit these pages. My radio communications experience dates back to the mid 1970's when I was a Radio/Telephone Operator in the Army and I have never owned a vehicle that didn't have a CB.

Various links to information about me and my amateur radio operations are to the left or above in the header. I hope you enjoy this little part of my life I am sharing with you.

My call sign - W9SBU - is a "Vanity" call sign. vanity call sign is one that is requested from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to replace the "general issue" sign that is given to you when you first become licensed in Amateur Radio. My initial licensed call was KC9FSJ and was returned to the pool of available calls when my new call was issued.
W stands for my nick-name "Wolf," 9 signifies the region of the US that I am in (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana), SBU signifies an organization special to me (Sober Bikers United).
Call signs in the US all start with A, K, N,or W. The US is divided into 10 regions (0 thru 9).

First contact:
4/21/04, Oshkosh Wisconsin
Icon IC-2AT 2 meter hand held (almost antique) thanks to KB9LRD who sold me the 2AT.

United States Weather Group

Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:

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